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Remedial Massage

Why is Remedial Massage the most popular massage therapy ?

Remedial Massage is known to thousands of Australians as the go to massage when you have pain or tightness in your body. 

Remedial Massage can:

Improve Circulation           

Improve posture                     

Improve joint mobility 

Reduce Scaring                     

Help with the root cause of muscle spasm                

Lift mood & feelings of connection 

Reduce swelling/fluid retention 

Reduce headache frequency

Improve skin tone 

Elevate nerve pain (due to muscle entrapment)

Increase flexibility

Reduce muscle fatique

Speeds up healing time

Did you know there is research behind every method and massage stroke we use? An excellent example is The long "rowing" stoke used on hamstrings to improve flexibility of the lower back without irritating the nerves of the spine. This technique actually unlocks back pain, without even touching the lower back!!

A qualified Remedial Massage Therapist is trained to treat you at the cause of your pain not just rub where your feeling it. 


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