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Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy

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Complete Lymphatic Care

Beyond Manual Lymphatic drainage we offer Decongestive Lymphatic Therapies.

DLT is comprehensive non medical care for those suffering from issues of Chronic Oedema, Lymphoedema and Lipedema. 

How to book in lymphatic care

If you have had breast cancer and you are experiencing swelling in the breast, arm or armpit please book a 45 mins massage appointment and put "breast cancer mld" in the notes.

In your session we will use mld to reduce swelling or work on fibrosis which is causing fluid to back up in your tissues. Scar work can also be done to help with lymph flow.

New to lymphatic drainage ? if you have never had a Lymphatic drainage and are curious and don't necessarily have any issues with swelling a full lymphatic drainage is recommended, please book a 90min mld. 

If your legs are your primary concern and you are not sure why or you have a diagnosis of Lipodema or Lymphoedema than please book a 90 min Manual Lymphatic drainage. You treatment will either be a manual lymphatic drainage or a combination of Lymphatic drainage with painless cold laser treatment

to breakup fibrosis which is reducing the flow of lymph and the tissues natural motion that pumps it around the body. 

Stomach: The abdomen experiences bloating for many reasons. In this session various techniques are used to establish the cause. We look at the organs of the stomach via touch the surrounding tissues ans well as the lymphatics over the top of everything. This area is very important and must work optimally if you suffer from leg swelling.  Please book either a full 90 min Manual Lymphatic drainage or a 45 min manula lymphatic drainage.

Lipoedema: Large legs or arms in relation to the body. This condition does vary and as such so those the manual treatment. Please book a 90 min manual lymphatic drainage to start. A typical session for this condition combines painless low level laser to treat tissues changes, lymphatic drainage to move fluid or for those without fluid issues but with connective tissues issues Myofascial release or massage is helpful. 

Laser therapy: low level laser is a cold laser that emits no heat into the tissues but assists in breaking down fibrosis. Fibrosis is the term used for tissues changes. In Lipoedema fibrotic areas often hold important lymph vessels hostage and reduce their ability to move lymph. The body is smart and has back up systems but these are not as efficient as the vessels originally intended to the the job. 

Sinus pain/congestion or puffy face. Please book a 45 min age"short manual lymphatic drainage and put your concerns in the notes. This session looks at the physical causes of puffiness or works to assist the bodies natural drainage pathways to elevate sinus congestion. 

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