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Body Restored Myotherapy is whole body focused. This means when working with injuries or muscle tension the whole body is considered and typically treated. This approach not only improves posture to prevent future injuries but allows current aches to heal faster and often with more comfort. 

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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a more comprehensive version of Remedial Massage and may include:

Massage    Cupping     Dry Needling

Tens          Myofascial Release/ Massage

Stretching or Strength Programs

Traditional Chinese medicine doing acupuncture to patient for shoulder pain relive ,non dr

Body Restored Myotherapy

We differ because unlike many Myotherapy clinics we treat the body as a whole rather than just the tight or injured part. In doing this we can prevent your need to come and see us in pain. Many of our clients come in every 4-6 weeks to maintain a pain free body.

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No extra charge 

There is no extra charge for dry needling, heat therapies or cupping. We select and offer the best modality for your needs. We educate and include you in your treatment choices. Our fee is a flat rate and is claimable for those who have Myotherapy or Remedial Massage under their private health insurance extras cover.  

Have a fear of needles? No worries we have lots of techniques to help.

Myotherapy grows in popularity every day. 

Myotherapy is a fairly young form of Massage therapy and mostly known in Melbourne. However it is fast becoming a favourite.

Myotherapy tends to be a firmer or deeper form of body work. Myotherapy expands on Remedial Massage and is great way to get longer term results from muscle tension and poor posture. Myotherapy can use tools such as tens, cupping, dry needling and exercise prescription. Myotherapy is a great way to heal from pain whilst also healing the root cause. Myotherapy is claimable on your private health insurance. 

Common conditions Myotherapy can help with:

Tennis elbow                         

Golfers elbow         

Lower back pain   

Neck & Shoulder pain/tension                               

Rib dysfunction   

Jaw tension (tmj)             


Glute Pain           

Hamstring Injuries           

Wrist issues               

Poor Posture         

Muscle Fatigue                     


Hip pain 


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