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Lavender Fields

Ringwood East Clinic

8 Lillis Court Ringwood East

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1 hr $105         1.5hr  $149         2hrs $200

private rebates available    

Hicaps  on the spot claiming

Some of the conditions we specialize in

Lower back Pain/stiffness                       Wrist Pain

Hip & Glute Pain/ Tension                      Fluid Retention

Lower back issues                                    Stress Management

Migraines & Headaches                          Jaw Pain/Tension                                       


All treatments at Body Restored blend 25 years of experience with evidence-based techniques to create huge change for our clients. Combining the best of Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Cranial Sacral therapy. We have treatments to relax and restore to more intense Remedial Massage that brings total body comfort.


Can I claim on the spot?

yes Hicaps is available

How can I pay? 

Cash or Eftpos available

Where is the clinic? 

8 Lillis court Ringwood east, next to Tintern Grammer. 

Can I park close to the clinic?

Absolutely parking is available in front of the clinic and in the driveway.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is an extension of remedial massage that includes Dry needling, cupping or specific exercises to strengthen weak muscles, so they are more robust and support good posture to prevent injuries.  

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Lymph Massage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the use of hands-on techniques to encourage the body to move and get rid of excess fluid. It is fantastic for inflammation and recovery. It is said to be the next big thing in sports Medicine. Clients typically ask for this when they are recovering from surgery or injury. New clients seek this modality to reduce systemic inflammation and move out excess fluid. 

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage is typically known as a massage that gets rid of knots and works deep into muscles around the joints to give them more mobility.

How are hot or cold stones used to massage the body?

At body restored we first rest the hot stones on top of the back in specific places of tension over a blanket and then use them to massage with to gentle warm and sooth away muscles tension and stress. Hands on massage is occasionally used and can be increased if you prefer. 


Can I get to the clinic via public transport? Yes! Ringwood east station is about 7 mins walk, just 2 blocks away from the Ringwood clinic.

Is your clinic easy to get into? There are 4 stairs to get to the entrance and another small step to get into the building, currently there are no handrails. I am able to help if you need but currently the clinic is not wheelchair accessible. A zero-stair clinic is planned for 2-5 years.

Can I buy gift vouchers? Yes, I can post you or arrange a time for collection a beautiful gift voucher or I can create a digital gift voucher and send it to you via email.

Is there anything I can do to maximize my treatment? Arrive a few mins early, wear loose underwear, avoid caffeine or stimulants at least 1hr before your treatment.

Can I use massage as part of my care plan? no, unfortunately massage is not part of the medical care plan schedule. Our industry is working on it.

Can I bring my child? yes if your child is able to sit in one area and not be near the massage table. No if your child is crawling and cannot be kept to one spot. 

Do you offer package prices? Yes, talk to us about your needs.

I am sick and cannot attend my appointment but it's less than 2 hours' notice to cancel do I still need to pay the cancellation fee? yes, the fee is very low and covers heating of the space & time needed to prepare for you scheduled appointment. 

I can't make my appointment can I send someone else in my place? of course, how lovely. 

Do you donate to local community fundraising? yes, I donate treatments for local Ringwood east and North Ringwood fundraising events and I hope to broaden my community reach. 

How early can I arrive? 5 mins any earlier and I would advise you to text me to see if I can take your earlier or wait in your car.

I read that online booking is preferred by can I call for an appointment instead? yes but sometimes I cannot get back to you for at least 2 hours.

Do you do mobile visits? No sorry. 

Do you offer hours between 3-8pm? Sometimes but not consistantly. Contact me to go on a wait list but please understand if you need a follow up appointment at the same time you will need to go on a wait list again.

I am having trouble booking in using the online booking system?

Let me know sometimes technology fumbles.

We do Pregnancy Massage "Pre natal Massage" using our

super comfortable Pre natal table cushion that is safe &

comfortable. No horrible side lying massages trying to 

keep your balance & squashing your ribcage. We have being doing pre natal massage for over 20 Years. 

Pregnancy Cushion.jpg

Body restored Ringwood East

8 Lillis court Ringwood east 3135

Phone: 0403756504 

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