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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic drainage Massage or MLD is painless & used to move fluid out of the body. Many people also enjoy this massage to reduce inflammation and feelings of "toxicity". 

How much is Manual Lymphatic drainage?

A full 90 min session is always recommended for the 1st session. $155

Yes it is covered by your private health insurance if you have remedial massage or myotherapy extras cover.

Alternativity a face, stomach of single body part eg 1 leg a 45 min mini session is often fine. $85 

Common reasons people seek Manual Lymphatic drainage.

To get the best results from a orthopedic or plastic surgery. 

To enhance the healing process after injury or surgery.            

To reduce swelling anywhere on the body.                    

To improve Sinus pain or a puffy face. 

To look their best for a special occasion.                                                          

To aid a weight loss program.

To enhance a naturopathic detox program.                    

To reduce muscle tension due to fluid retention.

As part of the treatment of Lymphoedema or Lipedema 

To sooth the discomfort of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia 


Body Restored works a lot with clients who have a diagnosis of Lipedema. It is complex and varied in its symptoms,

We do not offer a diagnosis, but we do offer treatments to manage pain due to hypermobility, inflammation, fibrosis (hardened often lumpy tissues) and fluid retention.  

Post lymph sparing liposuction or debulking procedure care. 

If you have had this procedure, we will happily support you during your healing process. We provide hands on scar a swelling management, as well as home care. 

Post plastic surgery support

Many clients seek our help to recover and get the best results from their surgeries. In fact, most plastic surgeons will recommend regular lymphatic drainages after surgery as soon as day 2.

Manual Lymphatic drainage reduces scaring and lumpiness in the tissues. It speeds up the healing process and offers support in your healing process. 

Pre Plastic surgery (Liposuction specifically)

In some cases, your plastic surgeon will request you receive one or two Manual Lymphatic drainages to soften the tissues they are going to operate on. 

Make the most of you MLD
 Wear loose underwear.
Book on a day you can hydrate and eliminate fluid. 
Don't moisturise.
Bring your compression or firm fitting clothing to wear afterwards. ​​


Sometimes we can't help

If you have any issues with your heart or kidneys, please contact us to discuss if

Lymphatic drainage is right for you. 

Please do not book a lymphatic drainage appointment if you have any current infections and give yourself an extra few weeks after one to get the best results. 

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