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Stomach Massage. And why people ask for it.

Now and then "Brazilian Stomach Lymphatic drainage massage" does the rounds on YouTube, morning tv and social media. You may ask yourself "Do I need this?" "Should I try this?"

Maybe it's not that waist cinching massage your after specifically, but you have wondered if stomach massage can help you feel better.

Perhaps you have scars on your stomach and have wondered if some kind of massage would help improve the appearance of the scar or make the area feel better. In this blog I will talk about my experience with Ceasar scars (caesarian section scars) Stomach massage for "debloating" and Lymphatic drainage massage done on the stomach.


Over the years I have many women talk to me about this feeling. It particularly come up when women are in for a lymphatic drainage. Whilst Manual lymphatic drainage is not targeted towards this issue specifically it is said to help. However, I generally find a true stomach massage better.

Stomach Massage

Done in the direction of the large intestines motion and using certain essential oils that relax the smooth muscle that the bowel is made of stomach massage is typically a more satisfying approach to alleviating bloating or sluggishness. In fact, I have helped clients with chronic sore backs who were actually just backed up get over their back pain quickly by massaging their stomachs.

Caesarean scar massage

I have 2 of these! Manual Lymphatic drainage, gentle cupping, myofascial work or superficial dry needling all help to flatten the scar, reduce redness and associated pain in the area.

Brazilian Stomach Lymphatic drainage

From what I have seen it appears to be a combination of Manual Lymphatic drainage and stomach massage to stimulate the large intestine. If you watch videos of it being done parts of the routine are quite firm to the point the skin is rid and a little irritated.

I absolutely see the same effects with Lymphatic drainage when I activate the stomach muscle reflexes. This is done by very light touch done in a certain way that causes the stomach muscles contract and relax and push out superficially retained fluid and a more sculpted stomach appearance is achieved.

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