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What is Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a body based therapy that builds upon the skills of a Remedial Massage therapist to not only include "tools" but also prescriptive exercise and nutrition. Myotherapy was first coined by Bonnie Prudden in the 70s using the famous texts of Travell and Simons in two books called "Myofascial pain and dysfunction". Thankfully for her clients Bonnie did not inject saline into areas of sensitivity to bring about changes in muscle tension. She was big into exercise and was even a fitness model. She went on to teach and write books about working with trigger points.

For the longest time Bonnie taught that these points had to be held until released and then stretched afterwards. I am happy that before she passed away she changed her stance on this and that it was a mistake to hold points that clearly needed blood flow. With this new approach stretching was necessary and could be given for self care to prolong the effects of the treatment.

Myotherapy as we know it started in Melbourne, Australia at RMIT some 30 years ago. A typical session looking like a hybrid of Massage and Physiotherapy. Still today depending on the preferences of the Myotherapist and the school of which they trained it mostly looks like a Remedial massage with many clinics having a space to do the recommended exercises.

Pre treatment assessment

Its good to have a benchmark to track your progress in fact if you plan on claiming your treatment on your private health insurance extras you will have to have one.

Besides knowing whether you can touch your toes or put your hand behind your back there are other tests called Orthopedic tests used to determine one issue from another or to rule out red flags. We know clients love Massage and we tend to use these sparingly.

Exercise or rehabilitation prescriptions

To get best results from your Myotherapy we may give you some things to do at home to strengthen or pattern movement. Strengthening is given when weak muscles are causing instability or allowing dominance from other muscles causing issues. Re patterning is a little more technical but teaches the muscles to fire at the right time in correct sequence. Stretching in particular sequences can also achieve similar results.


One of my favorite areas, Myotherapy unlike Remedial massage takes into account how nutrition deficiency cause muscle and soft tissue issues. The most commonly prescribed is Magnesium, this is great for overall muscle tension of when the nervous system keeps feeding back a loop of specific muscles tension. It also promotes a better nights sleep which can aid in muscle healing. Its not all about supplements though, there are certain foods rich in nutrients what can be easily added to your diet to achieve your goals. One example is a clients who has sore aching legs, b vitamins can be helpful along with Calcium and magnesium but for her it was b vitamins, she had been taking a break from her green smoothies and her legs were trying to tell her to bring them back she did and the leg pain went away.

Another client taught me something new, she had headaches and was a vegan she worked out she was Iron deficient and took Molasses, which I came to learn is iron rich and her headaches went away.

Pros and cons of Myotherapy


Most medium to deep muscle releasing technique leave you sore for a day or two. This is normal and is part of the healing response. Most clients can ignore it and just carry on as per usual, others may choose a little bit more self care to speed up this process.

Dry needling can occasionally cause a bruise or a "dead" feeling to the area applied to for a day. The bruise will heal at the same rate any other of your bruises heal.

Pain can increase

Sometimes the issue you came in for can get worse before it gets better, not common but does happen especially when the issue has been around for a long time. Its great to come back and the Myo can try and determine ifs its transitional pain or the body letting us know the approach taken wasn't for you.

Clothes may fit differently

This is a good thing, your shape will change for the better. Saying goodbye to your humped back means not only with the back of your clothes not dig into your neck but your jackets, top and dresses will sit lower in the back, the seams on the shoulder will sit where they are meant to and you will look smarter.

Flag celebrating the benefits of Myotherapy
Massage has loads of Benefits


Improved Sleep

Better Posture

Reduced pain

Increased flexibility

A more supply body that can move more easily

Reduced headaches

Deeper and better breathing

Increase endurance

Better mood

Slimmer looking body

Increase pain tolerance

Skin looks younger, better colour and tone

There are heaps more great reasons to get Myotherapy more but all you need to know is Myotherapy is great!! hahaha if you love a more Remedial Massage then Myotherapy is for you. Just like any personal service find a Myo you gel with, one that listens to you and is open to using techniques you prefer.

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