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What is a Cranial Sacral Therapy session like

If you google "What is cranial sacral therapy" you will get tons of varied answered and perhaps it depends on the school of CST but for me and in my training, it is a slow gentle touch therapy certain spots are held on the body to bring about movement in joints or tissues. It is subtle and usually deeply relaxing.

Let me answer some questions most people have about Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Q. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a session?

A. Turn up, put the time aside to focus on yourself in the session, try and have an open mind, you may not feel anything the first session.

Q. If I don't feel anything how do i know it's working?

a. Even if all you feel is nurtured, cared for and relaxed that's great, many therapies are based on the premise that through deep relaxation and feelings of safety great healing can happen.

Q. Can I have Cranial Sacral Therapy for physical pains and injuries

A. Yes, through deep relaxation and going through the CST process you may find your body heals from injury faster.

Q. What do you like about CST

A. I personally have had profound improvements from treatments from improvements in my memory to a huge reduction in stress.

Q. What else can you tell me about CST

A. When I have had a few sessions I feel as good if not better than I feel when I have had a relaxing and restorative holiday. I get all of the benefits of leaving the stresses of life behind without any of the packing, booking and dramas of travel. I personally make CST part of my wellbeing selfcare.

Q. Isn't it just like Reiki of some other energy type therapy?

A. Not in my experience, at times you can actually feel the body changing, I don't feel any warmth coming out of the practitioner's hands typically and I feel clear and aware rather than switching off and feeling floaty like you may experience in a reiki session. Which suits me fine as my personal ideal feeling is to feel clear, present and relaxed.

Q. Do I leave my clothes on?

A. Yes. you can even get under warm blankets.

Q. What parts on the body get touched?

A. Mostly the head and base of the spine (near your lower back). There are some points on the spine, sternum and clavicle also.

Q. I don't like my head being touched can I have CST?

A. Many people who typically don't like their heads touched feel good about the very light CST touch even on their heads but if you don't like that there are areas on the back and sternum that may still be as healing for you. You could try a mini session and see if it's for you.

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