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Pregnancy Massage- 9 Reasons to "treat" yourself

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

After months of trying to get comfortable sleeping on your left side many tender spots can develop. The relaxin plus all that pressure on the rib cage in the side lying position can leave an already aching body with next level pain. Heat packs, rubs from partners and gentle stretching help bit but what I wanted was a massage. Someone to sooth and move all the stuck places and make me feel good again.

9 Reasons to "treat" yourself

Pregnancy Massage has many benefits to name a few:

Soothing sore muscles and joints

Increased flexibility

Increase circulation & enhance fetus nourishment

Blood Pressure regulation

Relieve depression & Anxiety

Reduce sinus and headaches

Reduce arm and leg swelling

Reduce stress hormones

All pregnancy massage seeks to relax mum to be, and move fluid out of the limbs but it takes a knack for knowing when to pull back, the thing about relaxin is it can create pelvic instability and cause pain because the muscles have to tighten up to keep things from becoming in-stable. A experiences massage therapist who works with women during this phase of her life can ease off the tension but leave just a little bit, in the knowledge the relaxin rich body will further loosen things. There are also points that we are taught to avoid during pregnancy but I feel that a little knowledge of these has just increased fear and misinformation about pre natal massages safety. These points need to be consciously worked on in specific directions to potentially cause early labor, even then, I have observed them to be clamped shut. It takes a symphony of hormones acting at the right time for labor to be brought on. So rest easy knowing your body is in charge.

Traditionally pregnancy massage is done side lying as lying face up puts pressure on the Vagus nerve and can make the pregnancy mother fell dizzy.

My personal experience with Pre- Natal Massage

For me balancing on my side straddling a body pillow felt wrong for me I had to put so much effort into not rolling or tipping over. It wasn't the best, but of course I would put up with it for an hour while I got my body tended to.

I love getting massages so it made sense that I would keep having them when I was pregnant. I knew that it was safe for me and knew what not to do and what essential oils to avoid. The main one being Clary sage as it is a uterine stimulate, and boy is it! I used it when I was desperate to get the show on the road when I was approaching 42 weeks (ekkk!) but that's a whole other post.

Having massaged many a full bellied mum to be at some of Melbourne's premier day spas using an array of pregnancy cushions I found there was a clear winner. So when it finally came time for me to get my massage on I searched clinics that I knew who have the same one. Heck I was happy to cart my own in, all 6 pieces of it (did I mention I bought one I loved it so much).

During my first pregnancy I worked right through until my due date, finding time to have a few beautiful pregnancy massages. I loved how I found relief from my pregnancy kankles and my fingers didn't resemble little sausages any more.

It was just so nice to be able to lay on a table put my belly in the hole and relax. The massages were somewhat more gentle than what I usually got but I didn't care, I just wanted to feel cared for and receive massage. After my 1st baby was born I had postpartum massage and they were a mix of weird and awesome. My breasts were full or milk and laying on them required extra towels and pillows to take the pressure off. I felt more naked without my baby in arms reach but ultimately I decided it was a good thing for me to have some time to myself.

Pregnancy no2

This pregnancy I was even more sore and uncomfortable, the changes took place a lot faster and my tendons and ligaments hurt all the time. On top of that my physical demands were high as we were selling our home, wanting more space for a growing family.

This pregnancy in particular I really felt that side lying was causing me a lot of issues. So when a massage therapist recommended I be side lying for my massages I almost cried. I explained that I had so much pain from being on my side for months and months and please could we use the cushion and thankfully she agreed.

pictured above is the Firm n fold pregnancy massage cushion that allows you to have a massage in comfort even when you feel as big as a house!.

Over the years I have used other pregnancy cushions but for me the belly was never as zero weight bearing as it is in the cushion I use. It also has a softer foam in the chest area and firm foam in the leg area. I also love how adaptable it is. I can open the tummy hole larger or make it less deep using linen. It is also easily cleaned to covid 19 requirements. Over the 18 years that I have owned one I have dragged it from day spas to clients homes to multiple clinics and every women who tried it loves it.

The downfalls are you usually have to plug up that hole, (it comes with one) when you turn over but its a small price to pay to not only lay face down but to not be all squashed up and trying to balance side lying. On my particular table the legs can raised, making it so much easier to get rid of those kankles.

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