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Why everyone must get lymph drainage massage.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I am getting lots of Men and Women coming in for Manual Lymphatic drainage at the moment. Surgeries are back and running and mld is fantastic to increase the rate of healing reduce scar tissue and puffiness. I would love to see people sooner post op so we can get a jump start on healing but typically I see most people at about 8 weeks when they are already a frustrated and want help.

As the weather warms up, we want to look and feel our best which is why I think many clients are searching for things to help. Having a lymphatic drainage and supporting your lymph health at home is a great way to kick start your health and well-being.

The lymphatics are such a under cared for system and the benefits are huge. I myself have amped up my Self lymphatic drainage even though I enjoy getting full body lymphatic drainages done by a trained professional.

Each day I find ways of stimulating and draining my lymphatics. In the car, whilst watching tv and even before I drift off to sleep. I find I wake the next day feeling much lighter, more alive and generally happier. I also find my body is looking less puffy and I am more comfortable in my clothes. I also think I have pulled up better after a massive day of work. Typically, I can be a bit sore and stiff after seeing 8 clients back-to-back. On the downside I am thirstier, and my skin is needing extra hydration (due to my bodies increased need for water). Energy wise I think my head feels the same. I have not been doing much above my shoulders so it will be interesting to see the effects as I become more thorough in my self Lymphatic drainage.

So why should you start thinking about working on your Lymphatics?

You Lymph is the fluid in your body that collects and transports waste from the tissues towards the kidneys to be cleared from the body. Your immune system attacks and traps pathogens, virus and bacteria and gets rid of them so they have less chance to circulate in the blood stream. Sometimes the foods we eat put added pressure on our lymph by making it thicker and harder for our bodies to move or increases the amount that needs to be moved.

How can we support our Lymphatic system so it can support us?

Exercise is one great way, walking is ok but anything where you pump those muscles and move the hinges of the body is even better.

Epsom salt baths help detox the skin of things it has sucked up from the things you put on it and use in your home as well as pollution in the air. When the skin is clean and clear of toxins the lymphs job is a little easier. Any load off makes it more efficient.

Organic and safe skin care and cleaning products

What we clean our house with and what we use on our body matters. Organic products can be more expensive, and even then not all are perfect but there are some things you can do to reduce your exposure in the meantime.

Air your house during and after cleaning your house.

Use natural home made cleaning products there are hundreds of recipes.

Always wash off products like sunscreen, make-up and hair styling products as soon as you can.

Consider things like Epsom salt baths, mineral clay masks or sauna to pull out/ sweat out chemicals that are not great.

If you work in or walk around areas of great pollution it is also a good idea to think about the action of your moisturizer. Many body moisturizers and some of the face ones actually suck moisture (and pollution) into your skin. They are called humectants. In theory its a cool idea but not always ideal.

Do Self Manual Lymphatic drainage at home every chance you can!

There are You tube channels devoted to this and great books and Vlogs that can show your how.

Get Manual Lymphatic drainage. If money is an issue talk to your therapist about when is the best time for you to get MLD to maximize your efforts. They can show you how to do self-lymphatic drainage massage at home and may suggest areas for you to focus on.

If you would like to explore Manual Lymphatic drainage, come in for an appointment or if you would like to talk about your lymphatic needs message me to arrange a phone consultation.

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