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Massage for Long Covid

Do you ever just want to get all your sore muscles rubbed when you're sick or even when you get better maybe your muscles are still a bit stiff, sore or weak? You should get a massage, right? Well yes but getting the right sort of massage is important.

Have you had covid or any other nasty colds, flus or viruses where you have either coughed and coughed until your throat hurts and your muscles ache? Most of us can relate. You may want to head in for a massage, now don't just rush in for a full remedial massage session, consider one more like a strong rub. These Swedish style massages ease the muscles out of spasm, warm the muscle and increase circulation, but don't book yourself in for 90 mins! ease back into it. Try 30 mins to start. Start with the muscles that hurt and leave everything else alone for a week or two. Why? because even the gentlest massage requires you to heal from it. As your sore tight muscles start to warm up and relax, they are dumping metabolic waste into your system, your lymph and other organs have to clear it and if you're recovering from illness you don't want to burden your body too much during its recovery process.

What about when you are suffering from post-viral fatigue? Don't avoid massage altogether, once again start back small maybe on a day when you can rest afterwards or at least when you know you can get a full night's sleep. Start as small as you need to.

Consider a lymphatic drainage if you're feeling well but not quiet your best self since your illness. This cleansing form of massage will empty the lymph nodes of the waste leftover from your illness and give you a boost going forward.

I use ginger essential oil on my clients in clinic to warm their bodies, support their adrenals and aid in the loosening off tight muscles. I also recommend that you ease back into exercise, opting for more leisure walks than runs around the block.

So, whether you're hanging out to get back into massage, you're dying for someone to rub those sore muscles or you're just looking at therapies that may assist in your recovery. Consider massage, ease back into it and try a massage specific to your post viral symptoms and needs.

written by Kizzy Jach, Myotherapist for Body Restored

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