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Are you in pain,

stressed or feeling older

than you are?

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Body based therapies that
restore movement
reduce stress and relieve pain.

Just book your length of time and we will create a massage just for you. Simple.

      Or choose your own from our treatment page.

Online booking is preferred, or you can call, email or message.

Remedial Massage
Clinical Therapies 
Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage gets to the source of pain, improves posture, releases knots and eases muscle tension.  The results last longer than soothing massage alone. 

Some of the conditions I can help you with are:
Sore stiff neck & shoulders
Sore stiff lower back
Hip & Leg Pain
Nerve pain causes by muscle tension or poor posture
Headaches or facial pain
Improved muscle stamina 
Improve posture
Pain management for chronic suffers 
Injury management 
Tendon pain
Improve feelings of well being
Insomnia often improves
Sprain, strains, cramps and spasms


Popular Treatments

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Massage Therapy

Relaxation & Swedish Massage

Relaxation massage soothes and calms. Swedish Massage stimulates blood flow to relax sore & tired muscles & aid the healing process. 

Sports Massage

Increase strength, flexibility, and endurance with regular sports massage that targets your specific  needs. Sports Massage speeds up  recovery to heal from injuries & post session wear and tear so you can get back to training.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic drainage or MLD More than just a treatment for swollen legs, mld is great pre & post op, during periods of intense training. Often recommended during healthy eating programs and detoxes. This massage is for everyone who wants to feel lighter, reduce pain & reduce inflammation.

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